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I will be using this blog to bring to life my approach in helping non native English speakers to improve their English.
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Being more effective in meetings: strong analysis as the start point

Over the coming weeks I will show you how I help clients to be more effective when working in English. The APPA process is at the heart of my approach and is inspired by the way companies tackle the problems they face on a daily basis.

Let’s take the example of meetings. Often I find non native English speakers struggle to make their point as well as they would like to. They become frustrated at not being able to contribute as effectively as they would, if the meeting were being held in their own language.

We take the 4 step APPA approach and work together focusing on each step in turn, across the course of the training programme. Let’s look at the first stage, A for ANALYSE.

It is crucial we arrive at a jointly understood and agreed summary of the issues before we can move forward. Just as businesses need to conduct a detailed situation analysis before they can begin to identify possible solutions. In this initial stage we look at the problem from several angles, for example:

  • We explore the individual’s needs and where they feel they perform well and where they want to see improvement.
  • We analyse how meetings are run in their company- how easy it is to contribute, how decisions are made, how conflict is handled.
  • We develop an understanding of the people and different personalities in the meeting.
  • We spend time considering the way others operate in meetings, focusing on those who succeed in achieving their objectives.

Once we have completed and summarised our analysis and identified what a great outcome looks like, we are ready to move on to the next stage, P for PREPARE.